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  • Create & manage unlimited episodes
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  • Get a bird's-eye view of episodes in list or calendar mode
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  • Podcast reporting, insights, & analytics
  • Podcast Pros forum & learning center
  • Collaborate with co-producers & team
  • Manage multiple podcasts

Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about HelloCast.

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About HelloCast

  • What all can I do within HelloCast?
    HelloCast was built by podcasters for podcasters. You can create or refine your overall podcast strategy with our tutorials. For individual episodes, you’ll add your working title, keywords, guest names, guest bio and contact info, reference links for prep and show notes, interview status, production status, season number, episode number, attachments, links to the published file and episode page, set reminders, send status updates, and more.
  • Do I have to have guests?
    No. HelloCast works whether you do your own solo show (with or without guests) or collaborate with co-hosts.
  • What if I’m a showrunner for a popular podcast? Will this still work?
    Yes. HelloCast allows you to keep your host(s) or producer(s) updated via email notifications or by adding them to the system as contributors.
  • Am I locked into a contract?
    No. You can choose to sign up for a full year at a significant discount or work from month to month as you get in the new habit of professionally planning your show.
  • What if I change my show entirely?
    HelloCast includes exhaustive podcast strategy tutorials to help new podcasters plan their podcast, or experienced podcasters rethink any element of their show format and brand.


  • Why wouldn't I just use my existing planner or journal for this?
    You could. But with a handwritten tool, you can’t invite anyone to collaborate with you. You can’t update your show or episode details — you have to scratch things out and add new information above it, below it, or someplace else. You can’t search for future episodes easily. You can’t filter what you’re viewing to a certain group of episodes. And last we checked, your handwritten journal doesn’t alert you to upcoming tasks, making sure you don’t drop the ball!
  • Why wouldn’t I just use Evernote for this?
    You could do that, of course. Evernote is great. But with Evernote, you’ll have to create your own templates to make sure you don’t miss a detail. You’ll have to copy and paste info from one note to another when planning your next episode. And you’ll miss out on the podcast strategy tool that’s built into HelloCast.
  • Why wouldn’t I just use Excel or Google Sheets or even Google Calendar for this?
    You could use any of these. We used to. But with Excel, you can’t invite others to collaborate easily. And none of these were built with podcasters in mind, meaning you have to start from scratch as a new podcaster, and constantly wonder if you’re forgetting something important before publishing. You also can’t send a single episode’s details to someone without copying and pasting it into an email. You can’t count on reminders or notifications, keeping you on top of your upcoming tasks. You’re on your own with those tools. No expertise provided.